What is Amy Smith Consulting?

Founded in 2011, Amy Smith consulting is a marketing and PR firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Amy Smith Consulting specializes in marketing, public relations, and social media. Her clients typically include technology and healthcare companies.

What makes Amy Smith Consulting unique? Ms. Smith leverages 1) her theater background to help her clients discover and deliver their unique story to their audience, and 2) her tech startup experience to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to her work.

Hootsuite Certified Professional

Amy is a strong writer and communicator who quickly grasps subject matter, is able to creatively convey messages and has strong attention to detail. She is very reliable in terms of meeting deadlines and asks the right questions in order to complete a project on target.

Jamie Lacey-MoreiraPrincipal/Founder, PressComm PR

It was a pleasure to work with Amy. Her attention to detail and project management were superb. Amy’s insight and strategic planning helped ensure our marketing campaign remained focused, on track, and successful. I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for excellent marketing & PR services.

Rachael LabrecqueCo-Founder, Teachley, LLC

Amy is very detail oriented and on top of multiple schedules, ensuring that deadlines are met. She asks great questions and makes sure she understands the overarching goals so that she can prioritize to achieve results. I appreciate her ability to jump in and get things done, and have come to rely on her for public relations bench strength.

Amy ChristopherPrincipal, Christopher Consulting

These days, it’s not enough just to write. You need to establish a strong online presence. I began as a local blogger and ended up writing for the New York Times and the Huffington Post (not to mention appearing on the Today Show!) and I couldn’t have done it without Amy Smith. Amy has been invaluable when it comes to establishing and building my social media presence. She created both my Roz Warren, Writer Facebook page (688 “Likes” and counting) as well as my Mail Chimp account, which not only frees my time up for writing, but lets me send targeted emails to my readers and track their responses. And she continues to give me great, creative (and cost effective!)  advice about getting the word out. Whether you’re just starting out as a writer or are already established, I’d recommend talking to Amy Smith.

“Amy Smith helped me established a well-designed writer’s page and improved my blog’s social media sharing capabilities with expediency and care. She was extremely responsive to my questions and finished her work well ahead of schedule. Even though we were communicating by phone and email, I felt I got to know Amy and found her to be professional and personable. I enjoyed our interaction and would highly recommend a collaboration with her.”

Courtenay Harris BondBloggerhttp://courtenayharrisbond.blogspot.com/

“She is a poster child representing smart, curious, business savvy, and determined young entrepreneurs.”

Mary Kavanagh
Mary KavanaghOwner, UnSpun Marketinghttp://mdsg.groupsite.com/main/summary

“Ms. Smith’s PR work was pivotal in helping us reach our audience, and secure continued funding for our work.  The first question our lead funder asked on reviewing our second grant application was ‘How did you get such great press?!’”

Thomas Smith
Thomas SmithProject Managerhttp://projectgado.org/

“Amy Smith has been invaluable with her patient technical assistance in editing.”

Dr. William M. SingletaryPsychoanalyst/Contributor to Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perspectives from Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience

“This has been a very successful year!  I have definitely sold that additional “35″ and then some, and I’m so happy and grateful for your assistance.  You brought a great presence to the facebook page, and that alone made me feel like we were putting a lot of things out there.”

Cantor Debbi BallardOwner, My Personal Cantorhttp://shemakoleinu.org/